Mobile Notary/Closing Agent-Maui

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Mobile Notary- Maui

Peggy J. Kan Hai

Cell: (808) 264-2255

Fax: (808) 572-7191

Pukalani, HI 96768

Certified Notary Public/Mobile Notary/Certified Loan Signing Agent/Closer/Field Inspector

Covering Maui County. 23 years of Notary/Closing Experience, Title/Escrow/Verification Officer etc.

Certified Notary Signing Agent and Background Cleared. White gloved certified with CitiBank, Chase, Countrywide, First American and Bank of America.. Have worked for the Nations Largest Title Companies for almost two decades.

110% efficiency, professionalism and great attention to detail. Specializing in Mortgage Document Signings. E-doc and E-close capability. Completely Mobile including broadband high speed net. Acceptance and knowledge of all types of closings. Refis, Reverse Mortgages, 1st and 2nds, HELOCS, Loan Modifications, Car Loans, Construction Loans, FHA, VA, Proof of Service, Administration of Affidavits and Oaths, Health Care Directives, Wills, Bill of Sale, Power of Attorney, Deeds, Personal Notarizations, Debt Settlements, Backruptcy, and Field Inspections.

You name it, I'm sure I've done it or am capable of doing so in this business. With over 20 years of experience, I assure you I know what needs to be done and will do so on each and every assignment.

Available 24/7/365.... 3 Laser printers and 2 office locations on the island. Email docs, e-closing capability, overnight docs to self or borrower, field inspections. Full Mobile services for all borrowers who want to meet in the comfort of there own home, there place of employment or anywhere that makes them comfortable. High Speed Internet and Broadband for e-closings...

I have 20+ years dedicated to this industry including but not limited to document signings, loan closings, mortgage processing, verifications. I am certified with the National Notary Association as a Notary Signing Agent and have a crystal clear Background Check. Bonded and Insured.

23 years Notary Public... 23 years Signing Agent/Closing Agent exp...17 years Mobile Notary...Over 10 years Title/Escrow Officer...5 years Paralegal services...

Coverage includes anything that requires Notarization. No re-draws on my watch.

Please call me for any and all Notary needs you have for the Island of Maui. Everything is negotiable. Please know I will always go the extra mile and that every client/borrower will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. When you use me for your business needs you will find you will never need to use another. I will always do my best to accommodate every request and make sure that you, the borrower and myself all come out happy and feeling the best about the transaction and experience all the way around...

Thank you for thinking of me for your and/or your companies needs. You won't be disappointed you did. This is the last Notary you need to seek, the first you will always think to contact, and you'll do so with the confidence in you, me and all that we'll do together, always...